What happens when ties occur?

If there is a tie for a moneyline bet, or the point total or point spread of the matched offers equals the event result, the offers are refunded to the respective users.

Is there a deposit minimum?

The minimum deposit and withdrawal is 3,000 ESB.

Where can i buy ESB to wager with?

Here are a couple places: https://newdex.io/trade/ESB_EOS and http://dexeos.io/trade/ESB.

How can I unlock a bonus?

Bonuses are unlocked after making wagers 5x the bonus amount.

How do referral bonuses work?

When a user signs up with a referral link and makes a deposit, the referrer will receive a bonus credit of 10,000 ESB. This is doubled through March 1st of 2019.

Open-> What happens if an event is cancelled before it starts?

The offers are refunded to the respective users.